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Mountain Base Yoga

What's the Story?

My friend Sarah owns Mountain Base Yoga, which is a local studio that I attend on a weekly basis (it keeps me bendy!). When Sarah took over ownership of the studio, she wanted a website for the studio. And it just so happens that I do that sort of thing! So I built her a website with Drupal 7 that included a Commerce setup to allow users to purchase yoga class packages, automatically-renewing monthly passes, and gift certificates. 

In addition to managing her online store, the owner can also create and modify any of the textual content throughout the site. I was given the direction of "light and simple" in terms of design, so I tweaked the CSS of the Bamboo theme - picked because of its built-in responsive design. 

Now that the studio has grown, I've also helped her migrate from the Commerce setup to an established studio software package, as well. And since the website is now a simpler entity, I remade it in Drupal 8 with a custom responsive theme that is much easier for content entry.

Project Details