Patriots Dynasy

What's the Story?

Inspired by an infographic on Reddit that showed the Patriots having a losing record against none of the teams in the NFL since Bill Belichick took over, I decided to create a website to track the Patriots' dynasty in that time period. 

It started off as a sortable/filterable version of the aforementioned infographic, and has since grown into a site with a sortable/filterable list of every game (with Brady's statistics, Wikipedia recaps of the game, and highlight gifs). There's also a section devoted specifically to Tom Brady.

The site was my first major foray into Drupal 8, and relies heavily on Views and Exposed Filters. The theme is a custom theme based off the Materialize front-end framework that I've implemented to give the site a clean look and feel.

For those of you interested, here are some cool facts that I came across while putting this together:

Project Details