Ten Years Later Screenshot

When it came to planning my wedding with my (then) wife-to-be, I knew that she would have a great handle on the planning of it, but that I would be in charge of the website. And since this is what I do for a living, she knew that I wasn't going to be happy setting up a generic one on the Knot. 

So with her guidance I created our wedding website. The whole thing is hand-coded and hand-designed. I learned a lot by going back to doing things without the help of a framework -- I integrated a custom Google Map (with custom pin icons!), I wrote my own parallax effect to make the sun set and stars come out in the header background, and I even managed to figure out how to integrate open doors (a theme from the wedding) as the site navigation.

And while you may have thought that creating a website together would have driven one of us to kill the other one, after 10 years together we're at the point where we can handle anything (even IKEA furniture) so a mere website was no problem -- hence the URL.