Patriots Dynasty
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Inspired by an infographic on Reddit that showed the Patriots having a losing record against NO teams in the NFL since Bill Belichick took over, I d Read More

Wedding Website
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When it came to planning my wedding with my (then) wife-to-be, I knew that she would have a great handle on the planning of it, but that I would be in charge of the website. Read More

Gorham Pond Site
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When she's not running a yoga studio, my friend Sarah is also in the real estate business. She wanted a website for one of her clients, so I made this in a weeked for her. Read More

MB Yoga
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My friend Sarah owns Mountain Base Yoga, which is a local studio that I attend on a weekly basis (it keeps me bendy!). Read More

Green Monstah
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Created a website that mimics the famed Green Monster at Fenway Park. Read More

Commish Tools
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I created the Commissioner Tools website because I found myself spending more and more time writing weekly updates for my fantasy football league on the ESPN website. Read More


My mother owns a Montessori preschool, and was in need of a new website in order to keep up with the times. Read More